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Landing Gears Landing Gears

Supports an aeroplane on the ground and absorbs vertical shocks on take off and particularly, landing

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Upper hand in Japan

JCAB approval following meticulous layout optimization

1 May 2015

Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK (LTLGS) has received approval for Japan following several months of intensive, visual adaptions to the overhaul process. JCAB approval (Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau) is known to be one of the most challenging quality approvals on the MRO market. LTLGS can now offer considerable advantages for customers in Japanese market thanks to this certification.

Three main areas where involved here. Firstly, tracking of equipment and tools, for example through the use of partition walls, tool storage boxes, signs, and labels for pathway marking. Secondly, optimisation of storage conditions by means of temperature control and storage labelling and thirdly, spares part management with color-coded trolleys and boxes for separate sections in the overhaul process. This means that parts will no longer be misrouted thanks to pathway marking and unique labelling will facilitate management of materials. The overhaul is designed as a u-shaped process, which means that the process chain can be easily understood by outside parties.

The layout optimisations and associated process optimisations will reduce turnaround time and overhead. JCAB approval also avoids separate inspections locally for Japanese customers, since LTLGS can now perform the certification directly without any duplicated effort. Customers benefit greatly from this.