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The Hydraulics department at Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services (LTLGS) is the latest addition to the large number of services the company has to offer to its growing number of clients. It is a self contained department which manages the hydraulic components in and out of the workshop., allowing for overhaul requirements, S.B embodiment or functional testing for continual service.

LTLGS (Hydraulics department) has a extensive unit capability list, which is always growing helped by the fact we can manufacture required tooling within the factory to approved standards and drawings from relevant manufactures, and the use of a state of the art touch screen Skydrol test stand. Please contact LTLGS for capability confirmation.

The department has a very high workload capability combined with extremely competitive turn times due to LTLGSā€™s in-house Machining, Plating, N.D.T and Bush Manufacture capabilities making LTLGS an excellent choice for individual line replacement components as well as full landing gear overhauls.

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