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Landing Gear Overhaul

Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK has designed flow-principled workshops which all are based under a single roof in purpose build Landing Gear facility in London:

  • Teardown
  • Paint strip
  • Inspection
  • NDT Inspection
  • Machine Shop
  • Bush manufacturing
  • Plating Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Hydraulics Shop
  • Electrics Shop
  • Assembly Bays
  • Spare Parts Stores

Landing Gear Exchange or Loan
To avoid ground time for repairing or overhauling landing gear, a set going into overhaul can be immediately replaced by a spare. Lufthansa Technik Group has an exchange gear pool of hundreds of spares – a capital-intensive service that, which helps customers in minimising yheir aircraft ground time.

Supply Chain and Logistics
A landing gear combines a multitude of parts, large and small, all of them intricately meshed. Working on it therefore requires a process chain with an outstanding degree of coordination among all participants.
During overhaul, a landing gear proceeds through a sequence of predetermined stages, from disassembly to stripping, damage assessment, electroplating and beyond. The disassembly of an aircraft’s landing gear sometimes brings surprises to light. Corrosion, for example, can call for especially extensive repair work. To minimize episodes like this, Landing Gear Services works closely with other departments to develop solutions resulting in measurable cost savings and reduced scrap rates.

Customer Base
LTLGS has provided Landing Gear overhaul and repair services to over 50 European, Asian, African, US and Australian operators and leasing companies.

Proven & Guaranteed TAT
Short and reliable turnaround times have been achieved for all aircraft types and continues improvement is in progress. Full in-house capability guarantees 100% control over schedule, cost and quality and do not depend, therefore avoids subcontracting risk.

Aircraft services (maintenance and overhaul)
Widebody Narrowbody
  • 747
  • 767
  • 777
  • 737NG
  • 757

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