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The policy of Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services UK (LTLGS UK) is to be in total compliance with all legal requirements that pertain to LTLGS’s activities and to provide LTLGS’s customers with defect free, reliable and inherently safe products and services, with on time delivery at a competitively priced performance.

LTLGS employs a preventative approach to process and system control and recognizes safety as a prime consideration at all times.

LTLGS applies human factor principles as well as quantitative information and total employee involvement that drives corrective action and continuous improvement.

Each employee is qualified and participates in the formal Continuation Training Programme that enables him or her to provide internal customers with a defect free, timely and efficient part of their labour in order to contribute this way to reliable and airworthy products. Each employee is held responsible for this effort.

All personnel are trained to recognise that compliance with procedures, quality standards, safety standards and regulations is the duty of each individual employee.

Personnel are required to report maintenance related errors/incidents using the process elaborated for and to recognise the need to cooperate with in particular Quality Auditors representing the Authorities.

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